Total Market Access

I consider it my job responsibility to make certain my buyers get total market access so they find the ideal home.  I not only utilize the traditional MLS but I also make the extra effort to uncover the hidden properties, the ones that are not on the open market, so that my buyers have the greatest number of choices and never have to settle for something less.  In our sometimes very competitive market for the best properties, it is also valuable to know what properties are about to come on the market, so I also closely monitor those homes that are “coming soon.”

The house hunt works best when I work in partnership with my buyers, so that we alert each other when we find a property that seems to fit the bill.  If my buyers are unable to see a property I will preview it for them.  This method is very helpful for ensuring that we stay in sync, and I develop a very fine-tuned understanding of the sort of house that will keep my clients living happily ever after for years to come.