Schools matter in real estate

A big draw for many homebuyers in Arlington is the quality of the county’s schools.  While fair housing laws prohibit realtors from commenting on the relative desirability of a school or district, there are many independent websites available for any homebuyer investigating their options:


And since school boundary lines sometimes shift, an agent should always verify the current zoning against the Arlington County website, where up-to-date information can be found for any home address in the county.

There is a lot of discussion in Arlington about new middle school boundaries, which will take effect for the 2019-2020 school year.  A new middle school will open in 2019 at the Stratford site — currently the site of the HB Woodlawn and Stratford program.  The boundary changes will affect students entering grades six, seven, and eight in 2019.

Also, elementary school boundaries are being reviewed, with potential adoption of new boundaries to take place in November 2018 for adoption in September 2019.  Additional changes may be phased in with the 2021 opening of Reed Elementary School.

In 2019, Henry Elementary will relocated to the Thomas Jefferson Middle School site and will be renamed Alice West Fleet Elementary, Montessori will relocate from Drew Model Elementary School to the Henry Elementary building, and Drew Model School will become a neighborhood school.

More information can be found at the Arlington Public Schools website.

You should be able to count on your real estate agent knowing what is happening in the local community, but know also that you have access to many online resources through the county to get the information you need.  Stay tuned!