Negotiation as a win-win

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.  My negotiation style is to protect my buyer’s best interests and find a win-win for both parties.  This, ultimately, is where the sale begins or ends.

Pre-negotiation is the key and a critical component to a successful beginning and a successful settlement.  This is where I skillfully package the offer up-front, thus eliminating issues and creating a mood of acceptance, by:

  • Uncovering the non-negotiables so they are not included and so don’t alienate the seller
  • Taking extra care to include these critical elements which favorably positions the buyer’s offer:
  • a written mortgage pre-approval from a lender that will make a compelling case in your favor
  • an Earnest Money Deposit that will help us secure the property at a favorable price
  • a note and photo with introduction, compliment and explanation
  • and a market study
  • Pre-selling the offer to the listing agent, addressing any concerns, reassuring that agent of my buyers ability to work cooperatively and in such a way to create a hassle-free transaction, and building value with that agent
  • Asking permission to accompany the offer to promote and protect the buyer’s best interest.

When negotiating counter-offers I find that “sweet spot” — an acceptable compromise — that gives both parties as much of what they want as possible, and creating a win-win.  This means the offer is prepared and presented in a skillful manner and results in bringing both parties together and securing the sale.