Maywood neighborhoodOf all the  Arlington neighborhoods cherished for their ageless charm, Maywood is historic with a capital H. It’s listed on the National Register, but also has the distinction of being the only full neighborhood among the county’s 30 locally designated Arlington Historic Districts. Homeowners contemplating renovations here must adhere to design guidelines meant to preserve the historic character of their vintage homes and streets.

Some might view this process as restrictive, but in Maywood the designation is largely a point of pride—one that has inspired many residents to rediscover and protect the architectural heritage of their Queen Annes, Craftsman bungalows and Colonials.

Maywood was developed by the Conservative Realty Co. between 1909 and 1913 as an early trolley suburb, to take advantage of the nearby Great Falls & Old Dominion Railway line. One of the company owners reportedly named the neighborhood for his wife, Mary, who went by “May.”

Because of the strict historic review process in this neighborhood, you will not find the trend towards “McMansionization” that is apparent across much of North Arlington, VA.

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