How to successfully sell your property

Here’s an excellent case study of getting everything right when listing and selling your house:

1. As with most things, success lies in the prep. That’s often the hardest part, and I have strategies and resources to help with that. The importance of de-cluttering and cleaning cannot be over stated.

2. A home seller must wear their “buyer hat” and see their property like the buyers will. I can certainly help guide that. There are some key places in the house where buyers will take a look and quickly make up their minds as to whether or not the property will work for them. First impressions really matter.

3. Understanding how pricing works is perhaps the scariest part of the process — scary because everyone has a different opinion of the price. But what really matters is what price the market says is right. Trust in the market, and work with a real estate agent who knows the market.

4. Orchestrate the roll-out to the market in order to get maximum impact and a quick sale. A quick sale benefits everyone.

5. Monitor the contract progress after an offer is accepted, so that nothing interferes with or complicates the process, and sellers and buyers alike happily sign settlement papers.

To me the best sale is a win-win, and it is my goal in all circumstances to make that happen.

This property sold for $41,000 over asking price. The contract had no contingencies and everything went extremely smoothly, due to sellers who prepped the house perfectly, and agents who worked together to create a win-win.