Buying a home can sometimes be complicated and challenging.  Having a well-designed plan is really important.  Because of this I have created a clear path which simplifies the entire process and most importantly assures my buyers will experience a successful purchase.

A successful purchase is first where I make certain my buyer gets to closing in their preferred schedule.  Second, they experience a smooth transaction with the fewest problems.  Third, that my clients obtain the property they want at the best price possible.  So it’s not just buying the house, but making sure it’s a successful transaction.

My buying plan for my clients consists of 6 key steps.

  1. The first step in the buying process is toe make sure my buyers have their financing in place before they start the home search.  It is critical that they know what they can afford, the best method of financing they will use, the out-of-pocket expenses they will incur, and have obtained a written pro-mortgage approval from a local, reputable lender.  This allows them to take action when the time is right.
  2. The second step is to give my buyers total market access so they find the ideal home.  I don’t just use the MLS, but I take additional steps and effort to uncover the “hidden” properties, the ones that are not yet on the market.  This way my buyers have the greatest number of choices and never have to settle for something less.
  3. My third job responsibility is to make certain my buyers secure the home of their choice at the best purchase price, which is not always the lowest price.  When in competition the lowest price can sometimes lose the sale.  Other times the purchase price needs to be above the asking price in order to secure the sale.  My job is to make certain my buyers buy “smart” and at the best price, finding that spot between never losing by overpaying or by underpaying.
  4. Fourth, my job is to skillfully negotiate on behalf of my buyers.  This is important because a buyer doesn’t get what they deserve, they get what they negotiate and it is where the sale begins or ends.  It is my job to protect the buyer’s best interests while at the same time finding a win-win which brings both parties together securing the sale.
  5. The fifth step in the buying process is for me to make sure my clients’ transaction is worry-free.  I accomplish this by managing the details using a transaction management system, having weekly communication and a policy of calling back my clients as quickly as possible, always the same day but usually much sooner than that.  My goal is to eliminate the stress and hassle that can be associated with a real estate transaction.
  6. Finally, my sixth and final job responsibility is where I fulfill the role of being my clients’ trusted advisor, guiding, educating, and never pressuring.  Helping them make good decisions, providing processional representation, and always putting their best interest first.

I do all this to assure a successful purchase, so that my buyers get to closing on time, with the fewest problems and they obtain the best price the market will allow for the home of their dreams.

Want to get an idea how homes in your target neighborhood are selling?  Call me!  I can also set up a search for you to keep you up-to-date with new listings and sales data, all within a defined geographic area of your choice.

What to know that current state of the real estate market?  I can send you a monthly activity report for your neighborhood.

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