Arlington VA Transportation Design in Courthouse neighborhood wins Award

Even on a micro level, Arlington VA wins awards, (small but mighty) for its urban and transit planning.  In this case, we’re talking about Veitch St.  This well-used street in the Arlington zipcode of 22201 represents a major link between the shops and restaurants of the Courthouse neighborhood in North Arlington, and the bike trails that connect Arlington to Washington DC and farther out Fairfax County.

Arlington received more than 1,000 votes for its road diet/protected bike lane project on Veitch Street. One impressive aspect of the project is the county used a Capital Bikeshare Station as “protection” in place of parking spaces.

Dara Soum, a professional engineer with the county, told us that this project was one of three road diet/protected bike lane projects completed in 2018, using “tactical urbanism” and “quick-build solutions.” Previously the street had regular bike lanes.

The project didn’t require much physical infrastructure and is mostly accomplished using paint and plastic bollard, but provides bicyclists sturdy, physical protection. It provides a link between a commercial district in the Courthouse area and a popular trail, adding an important link in the area’s bike network.


Best Redesign: Arlington’s Veitch St.