Landmark Arlington VA Home for Sale

You will not find a more unique home in North Arlington.  This log cabin has some serious historic cred.  Come by tomorrow, Sunday, July 28 from 2-4, and see what it would be like to live like Caleb Birch, a farmer and constable, who built a log house around 1800 on land granted to his grandfather James Robertson by Lord Fairfax in 1724. The original house burned and was rebuilt about 1836. A second log cabin was added 10 years later. The two cabins, although separate, had a common roof forming what was known as a “dog trot” house. Later President Theodore Roosevelt rode horseback in this area with his friend and White House physician Rear Admiral Pressley M. Rixey on whose estate Birchwood stood. Rixey’s valet Richard Wallace lived here and Roosevelt visited Wallace here in 1936.

4576 26th St N., Arlington, VA 22207

See you then!