yellow flowersAlcova Heights, named by a real estate developer in the early 1920s, is home to 1,900 persons living in 745 households. Situated near the center of Arlington, the neighborhood is bounded by four of Arlington’s major thoroughfares: Arlington Boulevard (Route 50), S. Glebe Road, Columbia Pike and S. George Mason Drive.  Most of the neighborhood is zoned for residential housing and largely consists of single-family homes and other low-density housing. The neighborhood, with its businesses, churches, fire station and three parks and recreation areas, has a small-town feel. It boasts historical buildings such as Arlington Hall and Alcova House, a pre-Civil War structure.

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November 2, 2019

How to achieve Best Results when selling Your Property in Arlington, VA

Here’s a terrific case study of how to achieve the best sales price possible.  First we priced at $965,000 based on recent sales comps, so that we could be sure the property would appraise and knowing that we could generate […]
November 1, 2019

Third Quarter 2019 real estate market update for Arlington VA and surrounding DC area

While real estate is hyper-local and each area experiences its own ebbs and flows, a number of trends still affect the market as a whole. Throughout the third quarter of 2019, inventory challenges and declining mortgage rates certainly remained a […]

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